Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Ooooh look at me posting more than once a day!. Basically as apparently gfc is being taken in July people have stopped following via that route so I thought I'd share my bloglovin link with anyone who wants to start following me or carry on following me!. Any support for my blog will be very much appreciated and I'm already overwhelmed with the positiv response I've had since I started this blog 2 months ago so thank you all!. 

If anyone already follows me and wants me to check out their blog please comment below as I've been prett lazy with that recently and want to branch out a bit!

I also wanted to ask people's opinions about starting up my own beauty YouTube channel. 
It's always been something I've followed on YouTube and thought why not translate this into 
videos however as readers of my blog I'd really appreciate any opinions or feedback!.
Don't hesitate to email me on if you want to give me more private feedback!

If you've got this far, thank you for reading!

Gemma x


  1. I'm wondering whether to start a you tube channel as I love watching other people's but I still want to carry on building my little blog up so I'm undecided. Love your blog btw and I'd be watching your videos if you decided to start one :) xo

    1. Yeah same!, seems like a lot of time and effort would have to be put in!. Fingers crossed if I do get one set p people are actually interested in watching.

      Gemma x