Sunday 27 October 2013

New Blog Sale

As it's my 20th birthday (aaaah) in just over a month I've decided it's out with the old and in with the new so I've got together a few items and rather than chuck them out like I normally do I'm putting enough energy together to sell on eBay!. 

Here's the link

Etc, etc 😊

Sunday 22 September 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush | Review

Whilst trailing around superdrug I spotted this under the 'new' section and decided to try it as it claims to change colour to suit the individual wearing it which is similar to the Dior Rosy Glow blush which i've been dying to try out!. I tbink the deal with this is it's supposed to just give you a natural almost undeetectable look which it achieves on my skin. The texture is very much powder to cream and I feel that you have to use a lot to get a bit of a colour pay off. I normally wouldn't mind but its £8 for 2.5g of product so in theory I was best off splurging on the Dior one. If I'm honest I do really like this blush and the natural look I get from it, however as you may have guessed I'm slightly disappointed by the pigmentation and the price!. Look's like the drug store is going to be as expensive as high end make up very shortly!.

Blush Exclusif Swatch

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Thursday 19 September 2013

Best Way To Save Money On Make-Up

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to cut down my spending and focus on buying more drugstore products especially from companies such as Rimmel and Maybelline as they've brought out some much talked about products such as the Colour Tattoo bases. However after testing them and looking into them a bit more I've realised how in some cases you're getting products that aren't as good as those from Mac, Nars etc and in theory they cost the same or more.

The main example which shocked me when I looked into it are the make up sprays Fix Me Up by Collection 2000 and Fix + Fluid by Mac. Per 100ml the supposedly cheap drug store alternative costs £33.28 (on the boots website) where-as the high end version actually only costs £14.50 per 100ml. Granted I've never tried the collection and it might be good, but not good enough to warrant such a cost. 

Another example is the Maxfactor Miracle Touch Blush which is £7 and contains 2.5g which equals £2.80 per gram compared to the Illamasqua cream blush that costs £18 and contains 4g equalling £4.50 per gram. Yes, more expensive when broken down however the difference in the pigmentation is ridiculous. With the Maxfactor blushes I find I have to practically use half the product to get any colour pay off where-as with the Illamasqua ones I dip my brush in once lightly and have to wipe off a lot of colour on the back of my hand before using because of just how pigmented it is. So overall the Illamasqua one is going to be easier to work with and last you years longer in the long run.

This isn't an attack on drug store products as they still do their job and they're still decent products however I don't many realise just how much more drug store can end up costing. It won't save you money this month to buy two high end products rather than a few drug store ones however over the years you'll end up stocking up a lot less and although this isn't a maths lesson I thought I'd show you a few figures that explain it a bit better. 

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Tuesday 17 September 2013

A/W Lips | Best Picks

(Left to Right) Mac Rebel, 107 Kate Moss for Rimmel London, Revlon Crush

It seems the same trends from last autumn have followed through to this year as the dark vampire lips are back!. I loved this trend last year however I stuck to the fuchsia's instead as it was a look that I was way too scared to even try and pull off as my skin was a little too pale!. But thanks to gradual tans I'm not too ghostly white any more!. 

(Left to Right) Revlon Crush, Mac Rebel, Kate Moss 107

All these lip colours seem to be bloggers staples which was the main reason I picked them up. Firstly Mac's Rebel is beautiful colour with a satin finish which mean's it's not too drying but long lasting. I find you can get two colours out this lipstick as when lightly applied it's quite a dark fuchsia and when layered it gives you a dark purple look. Which means you can get away with it all year round!. Fab!. Secondly is the widely talked about 107 Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel London which is a matte finish. As it's drug store it only lasts a colour of hours before it wears away and it dries my lips after an hour even which eight hour cream underneath so I find it to be a night-time lipstick only. I definitely wouldn't want to wear it shopping or to work as I don't have the time to be touching it up!. Lastly is the Revlon Balm stain which is very similar to Rebel with the same colour pay off  Again it's quite drying but instead of just coming off in patches like the Rimmel one it fades into a beautiful fuchsia colour!. 

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Sunday 15 September 2013

Mac A/W 13 Palette

(right to left) Amber Lights, Cranberry, Woodwinked, Antiqued. 

It's that time of year again when make-up takes a heavier look and we ditch that 'fresh faced' look for richer colours. I write this as the heavens have just opened and strangely enough I've become really excited for A/W. Last year all I did was complain about how coats ruin outfits and now I've decided to embrace it as in the North East you don't really get anything but bad weather. 

First thing I've done (obviously) is organise my bigger Mac palette into a few different smaller ones based on the season/occasion. My Autumn one is by far my favourite as all the colours are vibrant but wearable. I don't really think light colours such as Brulee have a place in Autumn as it's all about a shimmery lid and deep reddy undertone for the crease which in my opinion just look beautiful on any skin tone!.

It also helps that they're all veluxe pearl finishes which gives them more dimension and I think this palette is going to be pretty much all I need for any A/W look I'm going for especially as any of these with wood winked blended over the top is completely transformed into a different shade!. Although I don't think I'll be able to resist popping down to mac on payday and creating another A/W with colours such as sketch,blackberry, swiss chocolate and retrospeck which I'm lusting over at the moment!.

What colours do you think fit perfectly into an A/W palette?

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Friday 6 September 2013

Mac Fix+ | Review

100ml size £14.50, 30ml size £8

It's safe to say I never really was a big fan of finishing sprays as I never really understood the crack with spraying your face with a liquid and the apparent long wear benefits it had. However after a trip to mac I decided to pick up the 30ml travel size of their fix + fluid after seeing a few youtubers rave about it. 

I wouldn't say it necessarily pro-longed wear of blush/bronzer/foundation however I'd definitely say it's perfect for anyone with oily skin as it keeps the oil locked in for longer meaning less powder touch ups through the day. 

I use this straight after powdering as it gets rid of that matte look and gives you more of a natural no make up skin look. I personally couldn't go without it now which is why I bought the bigger version and keep the travel one in my car so I can spritz it on my face at lunchtime (when I'm at work) and refreshes my make up and helps me avoid looking dull. 

The good thing with this also is the price, it may seem a bit much paying £14 odd for this however when looking at it's competition it's pretty much spot on considering collection (2000?!) have their own version which is £6 per 18ml and therefore works out quite a bit more expensive and apparently nowhere near as good!.

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Wednesday 4 September 2013

How To Get Long Lashes

As someone who has next to no eyelashes I've been looking for the perfect combination since I was 13 in order to have what I class as "perfect lashes", i.e. long and thick to make my already large eyes stand out a little bit more. 

Thankfully last month I discovered that these used together make my lashes exactly how I've been trying to get them for the past 6 years which is a fabulous breakthrough (sad I know). 

Thanks to YSL firstly for creating the most amazing mascara which is the new babydoll mascara that they brought out at the beginning of June as it lengthens and curls my lashes like no other!. Obviously I apply this after curling my lashes with the tweezerman lash curler as this helps massively in creating long lashes. After the first coat of babydoll mascara I apply a layer of the L'Oreal fibre mascara which I got for £5 on ebay (bargain) which doubles the length of my lashes as seen in this blog post . I then put another layer of babydoll mascara over the top after about 5 minutes as I find the fibres work better when dried. 

Then with a bit of liquid eyeliner and highligher in the inner corner of my lashes I'm on my way to the big doll eye look I've been trying!.

What are your must have mascaras?

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