Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mini ASOS Wishlist

I've had a busy couple of weeks so I haven't had anytime to do a Wishlist because I've instead been buying everything outright! (Oops). I've had another look back on ASOS as their app is finally working on my iPad so I've drawn up a little wishlist for before my next payday!

So as you can see there's no real consistency this month as I'm going through every type of clothes/beauty/skincare/haircare/accessories fashion that there is at the moment. I don't know where the Nike Blazers love came from but I need to get over my obsession with boots and get something more wearable for when I'm just popping out or wanting to major ally dress down an outfit!. Also I'm in massive need of a hair mask because I highlight mine every 1/2 months which has left it in such a dry state (yuck). 

Ps. Has anyone got any other hair masks they'd recommend? 


  1. love the nars set! would you like to swap buttons?x


  2. I'm in loveeee with all of this! Seriously wondering why I don't have the Asos App on my ipad... I'm crazy. Literally want all of the things you mentioned. Nike blazers aswell and the Nars products are literally amazing. I like using Charles Worthington's Miracle Healer Leave-In Conditioner.. it has Argan Oil in it and it really has helped improved my hair condition. You just apply it after your normal shampoo but don't wash it out- makes hair shiny, soft & scented! :) x x

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  3. The ASOS app is so handy!, I nearly cried when mine crashed and disappeared entirely from the App store

    I might have to try a Argan Oil conditioner, they're supposed to be fab!

    Gemma x

  4. Obsessed with that Tommyguns conditioner - its amazing for coloured hair. John Lewis in Eldon Sq sells it xx