Sunday, 7 April 2013


As I haven't posted for an entire week and probably won't post again till next weekend I thought I'd put at least some sort of post in even though it goes totally against my normal blog theme of beauty products and fashion!. 

Basically due to the time of year (new tax year) I'm super super busy and over the space of 10 days I'm working 75 hours with only one day off which was today and I spent it in bed horribly poorly! (Completely self inflicted unfortunately). 

Also the great thing is, over the past two months after ditching a certain controlling aspect of my life I've finally got my social life and old friends back as well as making entirely new ones who are rather fab so when I'm not at work I'm either relaxing, sleeping, shopping or consuming large amounts of rather evil alcoholic substances (damn you vodka). This has left me with practically no time to post regularly.

Cheers if you're still following because I know some people hate following practically inactive blogs however I do promise in a weeks time ill sort out my blog and make sure everything's running a lot more smoothly than it has this past fortnight!. 

Gemma x

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  1. Controlling aspect? Sounds like a horrible man! I haven't even had time to post once yet but I should think everyone will continue to follow you because your blog is still fabulous! Alys x