Saturday, 13 April 2013

Favourites | Bronzer

To make up for my lack of posting I decided this week to do a favourites series everyday of my absolute must have favourites from the first quarter of 2013 and for those who have different budgets I've included both my high end and drugstore favourites!.

First up is bronzer which I can't go a day without during winter as ghostly pale isn't always such a great look.

High End Favourite - Chanel Bronze Universel £30
 I absolutely love this bronzer at the moment and i've even ditched my Nars Laguna in favour of this!. This it the only product I own that I'm sure I will use forever. As it's a cream product I apply it by contouring it first with a stippling brush then slowly blending it in as it's too orangey to just use for creating shadow. However it does do a beautiful job of naturally bronzing your face but in a "I'm tanned" way not in the usual "I have no colour on my face because the product I used has no pigmentation" way. This is pretty expensive considering however this will last me for at least 6/7 months as I've had it for 2 already and there's barely a mark on it. I'd highly recommend this if your all for the "glowy" look as it adds to it rather than mattifying like powder bronzers do.

Drugstore Favourite - Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Light £4.69

This bronzer is the only high pigmented drugstore bronzer I've found. I find it relatively long lasting considering it's only a light powder and blends perfectly out which is something I struggle to do with the Nars Laguna bronzer. I'd say this is the perfect bronzer for people just starting out with the basics of make up (it's also the first one I ever used) as it's incredibly simple to use and incredibly hard to go wrong with!.


  1. i definitely need bronze universal!x

    1. It's the best make up product I've ever owned!

      Gemma x

  2. Replies
    1. It's so good considering the price!x