Monday, 24 June 2013

My Eventful Weekend!

 I'm 6 days into my week and a bit of so I decided to actually plan everyday out of my weekend instead of sitting in my room internet shopping!. So on Friday night I went out with some of my closest friends to Durham for the night!. Please excuse Thomas's face, he likes to ruin my photos!.

I also thought taking selfies of myself was an important thing to do at 3am

We then headed off to The Bluereef Aquarium in Tynemouth on Saturday morning to see the fishies!. Slightly hungover but thankfully I was smart the night before and stopped drinking past the point of tipsy. Hurrah for learning lessons!

I love the aquarium but going on a saturday wasn't the best idea as there were parents who had no control over their kids all over the place. Gets a bit irritating when every 2 minutes you have a child charging at you!.

Finally, on Sunday me and my family went to see the European Team Championships in Gateshead Stadium. As you can see the weather was horrendous and I spent the entire time soaked through. There was even thunder and lightening at one point!.

All in all I had fun and it's nice to actually get out the house instead of working constantly!.


  1. I love posts like this! I like to be nosey haha! xx

  2. Lovely photos :D I've always wanted to go to Blue reef! It's on my summer to-do list definitely! xx