Saturday, 15 June 2013

Skincare | Eve Lom Cleansing Balm and Rescue Mask

Recently my obsession with make up products has switched to skincare and I've been "investing" quite a lot of my money into decent skincare products in the hope that this summer I'll be able to be one of those ridiculously lucky girls who can go out with just tinted moisturiser on their skin and look flawless, rather than having to delve into numerous bottles of double wear (which is also turning out to be quite costly).

The first few products that caught my eye when I was browsing was the Eve Lom set on Look Fantastic where I managed to get the cleanser, rescue mask and moisturiser for £55 rather than the £105 that it retails for (bargain). I was especially excited to use the cleanser as reviews from Vogue seem to claim it's the best you can get. 

I've been using the cleanser for 3 weeks now and It's absolutely amazing. It does everything you need and gets your make up off with a few wipes of a muslin cloth rather than having to scrub away like I have to with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I've also noticed my skin looking more healthy and my blemish scars have started to fade away (result). I would defintely recommend this however the smell is a little too "green" and almost smells like vegetables that have been put in a blender (very "green"). Also considering I use this twice a day I've had to use barely any of it and this will last me at least 3 more months!.

The rescue mask is also fab as it cleans the pores in the same way a charcoal mask does except minus the horrible dry "cant move your face" feeling as it's still quite creamy. I only use this once a week as I don't want to have overally clean skin as that causes more problems however when I do use it my skin looks noticeably healthier the morning after and I get that general "plumped up" feeling!.

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