Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How I Prep My Skin

I've never been lucky with my skin and have always relied on dozens of skincare products daily in order to make my skin look half decent or slightly healthy. It doesn't help that my skin is oily on my t zone and extremely dry on my cheeks either as I can never find products that work to tone down both!.

However this month I decided to try a brand new routine for prepping my skin before make up and hoped for the best. Luckily this attempt was extremely successful!

Firstly the Skin Perfection Miracle Blur by l'Oreal (£12) is an absolute babe, it's perfect for people with larger pores (especially on cheeks and noses) as it covers them up entirely. It feels like a primer but quite a bit thicker and needs to be blended in properly otherwise it'll shift all over your face but that's something I'm perfectly willing to put up with!. It's definitely a miracle product in my eyes and even works with my primer (more of a night-time thing that though).

Secondly is the new Stay Flawless Primer by Benefit (£25) which is quite like a pritt stick that you used to get in school. I was drawn to this because I just can't be bothered with liquid/gel primers as I never know how to use them properly. (How can you apply in circular motions but completely avoid blending them in?!). I apply this on my t-zone as that's the only place I need extra longevity and oil control. I swapped from the well loved smashbox light primer to this and have noticed a massive difference but never happens with me and primers. My make up not only stays on longer but it even looks fresher for hours. 

The biggest surprise I had was that I wore this primer to the gym and after an hour my make up hadn't moved a touch!.

Lastly is my favourite skin care product EVER which is Hydraluron by Indeed (£22). This is a product that I actually couldn't do without. It's designed to hydrate skin from underneath and works an absolute dream. No more overnight moisture masks overnight for me!. I apply it on a morning and at night to ensure my skin stays soft throughout the day and I have noticed a massive difference in the health of my skin. I've gone from getting breakouts everyday to once every 2/3 weeks and my blemish scars are disappearing quicker than ever!. I couldn't recommend a skincare product more. I genuinely think it would benefit every skin type even those with oily skin because I've also noticed that my skin goes a lot longer before becoming oily now!.


  1. looks like i'm gonna have to buy the benefit primer! i love your eyebrows by the way haha

    also, i'm currently running a GIVEAWAY on my blog for the chance to win a mac lipstick of your choice so definitely check it out!

    katy x

  2. Hi ! What do you use for your eyebrows, if you did that is
    would love to have us follow each other :)
    ♥Stacey Nguyen

  3. I have been seeing Hydraluron on so many blogs! I should definitely look into purchasing that for myself. I love your blog! You post some great products. New follower :)