Sunday, 10 February 2013

February Wishlist

A short but sweet post for this dreary Sunday afternoon. 

When the weathers like this there's nothing better than a day in bed window shopping to make sure I'm all prepared for the strike of midnight on the 23rd (aka pay day). 

I'm still trying to budget my spending so unfortunately I'm trying to keep my wishlist down as much as possible!. 

Firstly we have the leather Pandora shoes from Topshop which I've spied in the sale for £50 reduced from £95 which is fab because I've been lusting over these since December!

Next we have some large drop earrings from ASOS at a semi-reasonable price of £6.50 which I'm hoping will spice up my slightly boring wardrobe. 

Yet again, the only clothes I'm buying for this month will be dresses as for some strange reason I feel uncomfortable in practically everything else. I noticed the first black and white striped dress for £26 in Topshop and thought this would be perfect for casual wear with just some pointed flats and a barbour style coat or even for a night out with the Pandora wedges and a black blazer!. I love the second dress from Stylewalker because although it's simplistic I feel a vibe of the latest "cartoon" style from it which makes it quite interesting. I also find it difficult to resist the fact it currently has £100 off in the ASOS sale. 

Finally, I just can't turn down a look at the Chanel Spring 2013 collection. The colours are so beautiful and uplifting!. Although the prices are pretty heavy I doubt these will disappoint quality wise. First buy will have to be a medium toned peachy pink lipstick!. 


  1. i love that dress, so nice! xo

  2. I bought it early!, i have a "what I'm wearing" post with it scheduled for next week! X