Saturday, 2 February 2013

Nars Sheer Glow v Rimmel Wake Me Up

Both of these foundations have been raved about everyone online over the past 6 months and have been compared against each other so I thought I'd do a little review of both!

Firstly, as you can see on the left the Nars bottle has the more "expensive" look over the Rimmel one and is a lot easier to slip into your daily make up bag!. However we all know its the product thats important not how it looks...

The texture and finish of both of these foundations are far apart from each other which was a shock because i've heard Wake Me Up described as "the reasonably priced Sheer Glow" in the past. However there is no similarities whatsoever which I found quite disappointing!

Wake Me Up has an extremely glowy and fresh finish which is perfect for a pick me up on one of those bad skin days, however the colour oxidises quite quickly throughout the day which leaves you with more of an orange complexion. Definitely not a good look!. As much of a negative as this is, I can't complain about anything else with this foundation because it lasts through 10 hour shifts at work and I only need a quick powder twice during this period. If only they sorted the colour range out and this would be the ultimate foundation!, although I can never complain about the £8 price tag!.

Next up Sheer Glow!. I can't understand why they named it that because it leaves my skin with a matte, powdery looking finish even when I apply a small amount which is crazy because I have oily skin!. I was so disappointed when I first tried this on because it just didn't meet my expectations. I think it's coverage is enough to cover any blemishes and even out skin tone which are the basics you require, however it just didn't do the extras I expected from a foundation that costs £30!. I suppose the best thing about this is the colour range and the fact it stays the same throughout the day without fading much!. If my expectations weren't so high I'd most probably still love this, but like I said, it just meets the basic requirements!.

Above Rimmel Wake Me Up, True Ivory
Below Nars Sheer Glow, Monte Blanc

What are your first thoughts on these foundations?


  1. its a shame you didn't get on with nars a little better!

  2. I know I'm gutted because it seems to work so well for everyone else and all their other products I have are amazing!

  3. Great review and comparison/swatches.i love Rmmel's Wake Me Up just not keen on its packaging x x