Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Make Up Dupes #1

As most of you probably know by now price doesn't determine the quality of a beauty product and there are many products out there in drugstores such as Superdrug and Boots that are actually very similar and sometimes even better than products from companies such as Mac/Nars/Benefit etc. I personally find my best products are high end however drugstore make up is getting better and better in quality as of late. I thought I'd show you the make up dupes I've found because at the end of the day who doesn't like to get the same results but for less money!.

Barry M -153 £4.50  
Mac - Chatterbox £14

Both these lipsticks have a very similar light bright pink shade and very similar textures although I do find the Barry M lipsticks to be a little bit more matte with a shorter staying power however considering theres a £10 difference in the price I don't really think there's anything to complain about especially as chatterbox can sometimes feel a little too thick on the lips!.

Barry M - 145 £4.50  
  Mac - Girl About Town £14

These lipsticks are exactly the same colour and extremely similar in texture although again the Barry M one is a tad drier which wouldn't make  a difference if you don't have an issue with dry lips. I would happily wear either of these as I love them equally!.

Mac - Well Dressed £19.50   
Glossybox - Glossy Rosewood - Free

I feel a bit unfair comparing these two because I got the Glossybox one in my December Glossybox and I'm unsure as to whether they sell them seperately at the moment. However this is my favourite dupe out of them all as I actually find the Glossybox one has way more pigment and stay than the Mac blusher!. I know the Mac blusher is in quite a few bloggers favourites so if you can find Glossy Rosewood I really would recommend purchasing it!. 

Nars Laguna Bronzer - £24
Sleek Contour Palette Light - £6.99

I suspect the majority of you have all either purchased both these products or at least heard them about a hundred times as these are some of the most blogged about bronzers from the past year and I can completely understand why!. They're both long lasting, great for contouring and great for giving extra warmth to the skin!. If you're torn between the two I'd recommend going for the Contour Palette purely because the products are practically the same except with Sleek you get a great highlighter too! (fab for travelling). 

Topshop Gel Liner £8
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner £17

This one may be extremely obvious to some because they're basically the same product and they do the same thing. However when it comes to applying the Topshop gel liner is actually a lot softer and easier to apply as the Bobbi Brown one starts to dry after a couple of weeks. The great thing with the Topshop liner is also that you get twice the product so it really does work out a lot cheaper!.

So there are a few dupes I found when sorting out the storage for my make-up, I'd love to know what dupes other bloggers have found so please comment below!


  1. These do all look the same - though I am sure there is a difference with the price and quality :) Which wind overall - cheaper or more expensive?

    Be great if you could check out my latest camouflage & monochrome outfit post here

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  2. Lipstick wise I'd always go for the Mac ones over Barry M because I have a really big issue with dry lips however with the other products I'd say cheaper!

    Gemma x

  3. Seeing them all next to each other they all do look the same, just have different prices! I really need a new gel liner, so I think I'll be trying out the Topshop one first :) xxx

    1. I love my topshop one, best gel liner I've tried

      Gemma x

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  5. THANK YOU!! ugh, i love this post! definitely going to try these cheapies out because my wallet is starting to get mad at me for all the makeup i buy. xx

    -liz @ living the cottage life

    1. I know the feeling!. I love high end make up but it's nice to be able to get 4 drugstore products for the price of 1 high end one and end up with the same look!

      Gemma x