Friday, 22 March 2013

Make Up Forever HD

I first heard of the Make Up Forever HD foundation when I watched Kim Kardashians own make up tutorial on Youtube and found this was what she wore. As someone who's totally obsessed over The Kardashian/Jenner family (in a nice, not belieber like way) I felt like this was then a foundation I HAD to try. Very shallow of me, but it was one of those products that called out to me on every payday. So I finally took the plunge and splashed out £30.

This foundation is there to look flawless in front of cameras which is great if you're in that situation or even if you're out on a night. However it's not the most flawless foundation I've tried and needs to be buffed into the skin for a good few minutes to stop it being cakey.  Although I did get compliments on how flawless my skin looked when I first wore it so I guess that's actually a good sign!. I wanted to give this a chance at being my main foundation so I tried it mixed half and half with a bit of Nars Sheer Glow and the coverage looked a lot more natural and quickly became one of my favourite foundation combinations. 

Left: Make Up Forever Shade 118
Right: Rimmel Wake Me Up - True Ivory

I compared this with my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and found the consistency to be very similar so I might even try mixing these two to give me a more glowy complexion!

If you're a girl/boy who loves a high coverage foundation or is wanting to invest in one for nights out/special occasions then I would recommend this as I think it does a good job of evening out the skin tone as well as covering any blemishes of spots that may pop up!.

If you are looking to buy and you're within the UK then don't fret because I've found an amazing English site with super fast delivery that sells this at a reasonable price! (BUY HERE)

Ps. Over the next week or two I'm going to start a "skin" series of blog posts about my favourite ways of getting a flawless glowy look!


  1. Yet another foundation to add to my 'need immediately' list. Definitely don't need it but you had me at Kardashian x Becky

    1. If its good enough for a Kardashian, it's good enough for anyone!!

      Gemma x

  2. Sounds good, I think I may have to invest in some for nights out as a prefer a fuller coverage for then!

    Love your blog Gemma, I'm your newest GFC follower :)

    Amy xxx