Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Favourites | Brushes

(Top to bottom) RT Expert Face Brush
RT Deluxe Crease Brush
RT Buffing Brush
Mac 217 Blending Brush
RT Stippling Brush

As you can probably see I'm quite a big fan of the Real Technique brushes and if I'm honest you can't really get much better. I know there will be some beauty fans out there who live for Mac brushes and other ridiculously expensive ones however no-one can really afford to own every brush they need if they're spending £30/£40 on each individual one. These brushes are amazing value and do the job perfectly fine, I couldn't recommend them enough!.

Expert Face Brush
This brush is absolutely perfect for cream blush/bronzer/highlighter as the shape makes it so easy to apply and blend. I only have one of these at the moment which means I can't use it for foundation (too much effort to wash them after every time I use them) however come next payday I'm going to buy another two as these are just great for every cream/liquid beauty product.

Deluxe Crease Brush
This is a brush I'd highly recommend for applying concealer as it covers blemishes up so much better and less product is need than when applying with fingers which means your products are going to last longer!.

Buffing Brush
This is all I need for applying foundation, It works with all the foundations I own whether they're a light BB cream, or a heavy mac formula. I find that using this brush has made my skin just look so much better (after I've put my make up on of course) and it's also made it easier to cover up blemishes and uneven skin tones without having to use too much product!.

Mac 217
I don't really need to explain why this brush is fabulous because it's a cult classic. It just blends and applies eye-shadow beautifully

Stippling Brush
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this brush because I think applying this with foundation is not great. I used to use it all the time last Summer and after switching to the buffing brush realised it actually did nothing at creating a nice make up base and no matter what foundation I wore my skin looked nowhere near natural. However I do love it for cream bronzers as its easy to apply and blend when I'm wanting a more bronzed look as it does hold quite a lot of product!. Another slight negative is that it goes bristly quite quickly and if you do want one for foundation prepare to have to re purchase every couple of months!.


  1. I've just ordered the core collection real techniques brushes, I can't wait for them to come now xo

    1. The Buffing brush and contour brush from that are fab!, although I have found it hard to find use for the other two that come with it!

      Gemma x