Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Favourites | Foundation

High End - Nars Sheer Glow
Drugstore - Nude Loreal BB Cream

As of late I'm not really someone who uses just one foundation as I find I have a lot of foundations that I like for different reasons but non of them have everything that I'm looking for. So I like to mix my Nars Sheer Glow foundation with every other foundation I own depending on the weather/where I'm going/How long i'm out for. The reason Nars is my main foundation is because it creates a super flawless but also super natural look so you can't tell I'm wearing foundation and yet my skin looks fab. The loreal BB cream is my favourite to mix with at the moment because it's really light and looks so much better in Spring weather. Also the last thing you want during Spring/Summer is a heavy make up base as it breaks up and just slides off your face (well when you have oily skin like me anyway). 

However on a night out I mix it with Estee Lauder Double Wear as that just makes it last longer and gives it a more matte finish so I don't look shiny on photos!. 

High End - Mac Studio Fix Powder
Drugstore - Rimmel Stay Matte

Now the summer has finally shown it's face it's time for me to whack out the powder and take it everywhere with me to avoid looking like I've had water splashed in my face as I literally have the oiliest skin in the world when this weather appears. I like these particular powders for  completely different reasons. As some of you may know the Mac powder is actually a foundation so it can be at risk of looking cakey when used as a finishing powder so I only use this on my oiliest areas which is my nose and chin as it practically keeps my skin matte all day. Were-as the Rimmel powder is perfect for people who are on the go but don't really finish a matte look and are more than happy to have to re powder every couple of hours as it's thin and therefore not the most long lasting product!. Also the great thing is the Rimmel powder comes in a translucent colour so you don't have to keep matching it when you tan etc!.

Also if anyone can recommend a good spring foundation that lasts on oily skin and is medium coverage please let me know!

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