Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review | Neon Orange Mac Lipstick

I'm typically not someone who wears any other colour than pink on my lips however when I saw the All About Orange collection that Mac launched last week I couldn't resist buying one of the limited edition lipsticks. Because of my colouring and I decided that going for a light orangey colour like tangerine dream or tart and trendy wasn't going to work out well so went for the brighter option in Neon Orange.

The finish is amplified which is creamy but really long lasting (my favourite of the mac finishes) and it doesn't really dry out my lips at all. Although when I got home I realised just how red it actually is which is slightly disappointing because I was wanting it to have a richer orange tone to it. Also as it's limited edition I hoped the tubes would of been different but sadly they're exactly the same as the normal ones.

As you can see, it's very very similar to So Chaud which is actually a red with orange undertones and Neon Orange is almost a mix between that shade and Vegas Volt.

I think if you're someone who lives for red lipsticks then you'll love this, if you're someone who's not that bothered and already has a few it's probably more of a waste of money. Luckily I only have two red lipsticks so this has completed my tiny collection. 

Has anyone else tried any of the All About Orange collection, if so what are your opinions?


  1. Looks very good on you :)

  2. Gorgeous colour on you! I've never really liked bright lipsticks on myself, but Vegas Volt looks like a lovely colour to try :) xx

  3. It looks gorgeous on you!Xxx

  4. love this on you! i have vegas volt and I love it! :) x

  5. Hi Gemma! Your blog is really nice and you look so pretty!
    I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award, so I hope I'll get the chance to read your answers to the questions I asked my nominees! All the info is in my blog post

    take care xx