Thursday, 19 September 2013

Best Way To Save Money On Make-Up

Over the last few weeks I've been trying to cut down my spending and focus on buying more drugstore products especially from companies such as Rimmel and Maybelline as they've brought out some much talked about products such as the Colour Tattoo bases. However after testing them and looking into them a bit more I've realised how in some cases you're getting products that aren't as good as those from Mac, Nars etc and in theory they cost the same or more.

The main example which shocked me when I looked into it are the make up sprays Fix Me Up by Collection 2000 and Fix + Fluid by Mac. Per 100ml the supposedly cheap drug store alternative costs £33.28 (on the boots website) where-as the high end version actually only costs £14.50 per 100ml. Granted I've never tried the collection and it might be good, but not good enough to warrant such a cost. 

Another example is the Maxfactor Miracle Touch Blush which is £7 and contains 2.5g which equals £2.80 per gram compared to the Illamasqua cream blush that costs £18 and contains 4g equalling £4.50 per gram. Yes, more expensive when broken down however the difference in the pigmentation is ridiculous. With the Maxfactor blushes I find I have to practically use half the product to get any colour pay off where-as with the Illamasqua ones I dip my brush in once lightly and have to wipe off a lot of colour on the back of my hand before using because of just how pigmented it is. So overall the Illamasqua one is going to be easier to work with and last you years longer in the long run.

This isn't an attack on drug store products as they still do their job and they're still decent products however I don't many realise just how much more drug store can end up costing. It won't save you money this month to buy two high end products rather than a few drug store ones however over the years you'll end up stocking up a lot less and although this isn't a maths lesson I thought I'd show you a few figures that explain it a bit better. 

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