Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A/W Lips | Best Picks

(Left to Right) Mac Rebel, 107 Kate Moss for Rimmel London, Revlon Crush

It seems the same trends from last autumn have followed through to this year as the dark vampire lips are back!. I loved this trend last year however I stuck to the fuchsia's instead as it was a look that I was way too scared to even try and pull off as my skin was a little too pale!. But thanks to gradual tans I'm not too ghostly white any more!. 

(Left to Right) Revlon Crush, Mac Rebel, Kate Moss 107

All these lip colours seem to be bloggers staples which was the main reason I picked them up. Firstly Mac's Rebel is beautiful colour with a satin finish which mean's it's not too drying but long lasting. I find you can get two colours out this lipstick as when lightly applied it's quite a dark fuchsia and when layered it gives you a dark purple look. Which means you can get away with it all year round!. Fab!. Secondly is the widely talked about 107 Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel London which is a matte finish. As it's drug store it only lasts a colour of hours before it wears away and it dries my lips after an hour even which eight hour cream underneath so I find it to be a night-time lipstick only. I definitely wouldn't want to wear it shopping or to work as I don't have the time to be touching it up!. Lastly is the Revlon Balm stain which is very similar to Rebel with the same colour pay off  Again it's quite drying but instead of just coming off in patches like the Rimmel one it fades into a beautiful fuchsia colour!. 

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  1. I love Rebel but sometimes I'm not brave enough to wear it! I have the Kate Moss one too and I really like it but I've not tried any of the Revlon balm stains yet xx