Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What's In My Make Up Bag | Updated

I'm normally the type of person who puts all their make up in storage and uses it as and when needed rather than sticking to a similar routine on a daily basis, mainly because I have so many expensive products I need to use otherwise they've been a complete waste of money. However in the recent weeks I've started to use a make up bag of products instead as it gives me an extra 15 minutes of sleep (fabulous). 

Firstly this make up bag is absolutely divine,  quite childlike I suppose but the pugs with a bow collar are just beyond adorable and I've been squeezing this into the smallest of bags just so I can look at it more. It's from Ted Baker and was in the ASOS sale for £15 reduced from £22. It is PVC as you can probably tell by the flashback in the photo which also makes it easy to keep clean!. 

Products (left to right),
Mac Prep+Prime Light Boost, Nars Sheer Glow, Chanel Bronze Universal,
 Mac Well Dressed Blush, Mac Pearl Cream Base, Mac Creme d'Nude, L'Oreal Superliner,
Mac Pro Longwear NC20, Benefit Stay Flawless Primer, 
Mac Duo: Nylon+Charcoal Brown, Mac Painterly Paint Pot

I've definitely become a 'Mac girl' as the months have gone by. I find them to be easy products to rely on in the sense that I know exactly what I'm getting with each product I buy. 

I use the above products to create a natural base so my skin looks as bare as it can be with contouring to add shape to my face. Although I'm realitively slim unfortunately I haven't been blessed with a face to match so I like to add products to help me not look like a fat baby. I'm also starting to use light coloured blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks as again it matches the natural look.

Lastly I've been loving highlighting with a couple of products which is what I use the Mac Light Boost and lighter concealer for as it just makes me look more awake and helps to brighten up my normally dull looking face!.

I haven't included my mascaras or powders because I use that many at the moment I'd need tens of pictures to show them all!. 

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