Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How To Get Long Lashes

As someone who has next to no eyelashes I've been looking for the perfect combination since I was 13 in order to have what I class as "perfect lashes", i.e. long and thick to make my already large eyes stand out a little bit more. 

Thankfully last month I discovered that these used together make my lashes exactly how I've been trying to get them for the past 6 years which is a fabulous breakthrough (sad I know). 

Thanks to YSL firstly for creating the most amazing mascara which is the new babydoll mascara that they brought out at the beginning of June as it lengthens and curls my lashes like no other!. Obviously I apply this after curling my lashes with the tweezerman lash curler as this helps massively in creating long lashes. After the first coat of babydoll mascara I apply a layer of the L'Oreal fibre mascara which I got for £5 on ebay (bargain) which doubles the length of my lashes as seen in this blog post . I then put another layer of babydoll mascara over the top after about 5 minutes as I find the fibres work better when dried. 

Then with a bit of liquid eyeliner and highligher in the inner corner of my lashes I'm on my way to the big doll eye look I've been trying!.

What are your must have mascaras?

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  1. Up until now the Maybelline Falsies has been my go to mascara but I'm very tempted to invest in YSL Babydoll now! Your eyelashes look amazing :)
    KJ xo