Thursday, 28 February 2013

My Eyebrow Palette

I have naturally sparce and light eyebrows so I can't really get away with not filling them in a little however I'm not a fan of eyebrow pencils or waxes so I stick to using a light powder which I think makes mine look a lot natural as I haven't grasped the art of using the others and to be honest I'm a bit to lazy to even try. 

I apply browset eyebrow gel from Mac first to darken the first 2/3's of my eyebrows and only pencil in the corners as these are practically invisible. To do this I use my Eyebrow "beauty palette" from Wet N Wild who don't actually sell their products in the UK which is extremely unfortunate as they do such amazing drugstore products.

The great thing is this palette is only around £2.40-£4 on ebay (depending on who's selling at the time) which is amazing especially as I've used mine everyday since August and it looks barely touched!. As you can see the top 3 colours are actually powder eyeshadows were-as the bottom two colours are slightly more waxy in texture and designed for filling in eyebrows which makes it a great make up bag product!. 

The product isn't amazingly pigmented for the light and dark colours which is probably the reason I love it as it leaves your eyebrows looking relatively natural, however it does stay put all day!. The contour colour is also great for when you're wanting to do a stronger brow as it stills looks as natural as a strong brow could and again stays on all day!.

For me you couldn't go wrong with this product, I've tried using Mac and Illamasqua powders and have always ended back with this one!.

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