Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Top 5 High End Products

I don't really "love" that many make up products as I'm extremely fussy and like to change what I'm doing with my make up practically every week as I still haven't found my "winning formula" look. The products above are the ones that I would definitely repurchase as they're absolutely fab and give me the look I like to go for the most. I do have a few drugstore products that I also love at the moment however everyone raves about them for forever and a day (they're that good) so I thought I'd leave that!.

1. Girl About Town lipstick by Mac

 I love how glossy this lipstick is and the fact it doesn't dry my lips out at all even though I could win contests for having the driest lips in the world. It's a bright colour which means I can do nothing with my cheeks or eyes and "jazz" my make up look with a smudge of this instead which is great because I get pretty lazy. The colour does stay for hours however the pink fades a tiny bit throughout the day although only a tap is needed to sort it out.

2. Bobbi Brown mascara in Extreme Lengthening
This mascara is the best lengthening mascara I've ever used and the fact It's waterproof is a massive bonus for me because as those who know me know, I have lakes of water flow from my eyes daily as they're super sensitive. I uploaded a blog post here which shows how my lashes look after applying this. It's got a big price tag but I normally buy mine on ebay for half the price (although I'd recommend you look through the buyer feedback first to make sure they sell genuine goods)

3. Mac Powder Blusher in Well Dressed
This is a very pale and slightly shimmery pink blush which I absolutely hated when I first bought it as I was used to the nars blushes and this didn't seem anywhere near as pigmented. However I've come to realise this is actually perfect for when you want contouring/bronzing and a little flush of blush so you don't overpower your face with colour. It's subtle but still gives you a natural rosy glow which really compliments more paler skin. 

4. Gold Deposit By Mac
This is my all time favourite product, it creates such a beautiful glow on the skin and is a bronzer/blush/highligher all in one!. It's extremely pigmented and there isn't much fall out from the glitter particles however it does need to be applied lightly or blended otherwise the orangey colours make it obvious to everyone and can be quite streaky. I personally find blending it with my bronzer and blusher gives me the most natural effect.

5. Nars Illuminator in Orgasm
This Nars Illuminator is perfect for those who want a light dewy glow without the obviousness that a lot of powder highlights bring. I dot it on the top of my cheekbones and blend it in with my foundation however because of the peachy colour it does have to be blended in quite well to make sure you just get the shimmer and non of the colour. This is what I wear when I feel my skin is looking dull as it instantly perks it up and just makes me feel so much better!.

What are your "desert island" products?

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