Saturday, 23 February 2013

Uh Oh

So Friday was payday and a half day which only meant one thing...

First thing I did was head to the YSL counter as I really wanted to splurge a little bit more money on some high quality make up products so I bought the touch ├ęclat highlighter pen and YSL Rouge 14 lipstick which both retail at £25 but look so beautiful. I then headed to Primark for some bargain clothes shopping. My stripy top was only £10 and isn't see through which is a shock considering where it's from and the textured skater skirt was only £8 and fits perfectly!. 

After about half an hour in YSL the lovely counter manager invited me back for a lesson which was nice and strange because most counter assistants are quite rude with me and tend to ignore me!. I decided to go lipstick mad and then bought the new maybelline 14 hour lipstick in "stay with me coral" and the high impact Clinque lipstick in "extreme pink" although its actually a really basic nude pink colour. If I'm honest I tried this product without looking at the packaging and I know the look of it doesn't matter but it looks horrid and tacky and doesn't look worth the £17 I paid. But then again, quality conquers!. I then had to repurchase their super balm moisturising gloss in "raspberry" as I used to love it when I was 14 and never had the money back then to buy it again. Finally, I bought some cheap hair bands from Primark and the Babylis Big Hair rotating brush!

I bought a few more items but I used them when I went out last night for drinks and I've managed to chuck them somewhere after coming home a little worse for wear!

Can't wait to go to Newcastle on Monday to spend even more!


  1. I'm absolutely dying to try out some YSL lipsticks. I've got some of the sheer candy ones on my wishlist. Still got 41 days left of my spending ban though :(

    Found your blog in the sponsor section of Helens blog :) New follower!


  2. They're fab but tbh the finish and staying power isn't as good as mac ones so i don't think I'd buy again

    Why not treat yourself a little bit though to celebrate how we'll you've done so far!!!

    Gemma x