Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mac A/W 13 Palette

(right to left) Amber Lights, Cranberry, Woodwinked, Antiqued. 

It's that time of year again when make-up takes a heavier look and we ditch that 'fresh faced' look for richer colours. I write this as the heavens have just opened and strangely enough I've become really excited for A/W. Last year all I did was complain about how coats ruin outfits and now I've decided to embrace it as in the North East you don't really get anything but bad weather. 

First thing I've done (obviously) is organise my bigger Mac palette into a few different smaller ones based on the season/occasion. My Autumn one is by far my favourite as all the colours are vibrant but wearable. I don't really think light colours such as Brulee have a place in Autumn as it's all about a shimmery lid and deep reddy undertone for the crease which in my opinion just look beautiful on any skin tone!.

It also helps that they're all veluxe pearl finishes which gives them more dimension and I think this palette is going to be pretty much all I need for any A/W look I'm going for especially as any of these with wood winked blended over the top is completely transformed into a different shade!. Although I don't think I'll be able to resist popping down to mac on payday and creating another A/W with colours such as sketch,blackberry, swiss chocolate and retrospeck which I'm lusting over at the moment!.

What colours do you think fit perfectly into an A/W palette?

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