Friday, 6 September 2013

Mac Fix+ | Review

100ml size £14.50, 30ml size £8

It's safe to say I never really was a big fan of finishing sprays as I never really understood the crack with spraying your face with a liquid and the apparent long wear benefits it had. However after a trip to mac I decided to pick up the 30ml travel size of their fix + fluid after seeing a few youtubers rave about it. 

I wouldn't say it necessarily pro-longed wear of blush/bronzer/foundation however I'd definitely say it's perfect for anyone with oily skin as it keeps the oil locked in for longer meaning less powder touch ups through the day. 

I use this straight after powdering as it gets rid of that matte look and gives you more of a natural no make up skin look. I personally couldn't go without it now which is why I bought the bigger version and keep the travel one in my car so I can spritz it on my face at lunchtime (when I'm at work) and refreshes my make up and helps me avoid looking dull. 

The good thing with this also is the price, it may seem a bit much paying £14 odd for this however when looking at it's competition it's pretty much spot on considering collection (2000?!) have their own version which is £6 per 18ml and therefore works out quite a bit more expensive and apparently nowhere near as good!.

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  1. this seems like such an ideal product! I can get a little oily on my t-zone but hate the powdery look! i'll have to try this out x